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March 18, 2018

Making the Thickness Sander II

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When I made the first strip sander I cobbled together pieces of scrap wood and was not too particular about shaping and placement because I was just making it up on the fly. The other issue was that this was to be used with my big Makita belt sander only. It was not made to use with other sanders and to tell the truth, I didn't actually know if it would work.

Well, it worked great and got a lot of very positive feed back. It's a jig for my sander that has a very specific use and that is to sand strips of wood to make the backs of bowl back mandolins (Go ahead, Google it). So to all of those people who said "Patent it!", I say, no way. Not enough interest.

But a friend who has been building similarly shaped musical instruments but of Middle Eastern origins really needed one for the same reason exactly that I do. And so we struck a deal and I am making one for him.


This one was made using drawings. That's right! Actual drawings! And uses the smallest, weakest sander that I know of, the Ryobi belt sander ($49.95) but this time it will be interchangeable with other belt sanders in case that doesn't work out.


It works and it works great! Who knows how long it will hold out but so far, so good. And of course if it doesn't work out, it can be replaced. This time.

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