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Wednesday April 26, 2017

Table Saw Enclosure

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This really is a quick & dirty mod on my old Craftsman table saw but it is after all an old Craftsman table saw. It does what it is supposed to do though, and that is to collect some dust and store some tools.

Some time ago I got out some 3" sheet rock screws, 2x4s, and four lawn mower wheels using 1/2" bolts as axels and made the old saw mobile. I can move it around the shop or outside for longer pieces and because the wheels are set perpendicular to the blade, it doesn't roll while I'm pushing the wood through.

The first job now was to enclose the motor. On these types of saws when you tilt the blade the whole motor and assembly tilts too. Something that has to be taken into account when measuring for the box. Notice how I have made plywood hinges. This helps to make the job quicker and dirtier by reducing the need for precision on all of those compound angles.

The baskets came with the saw when it was given to me, but there was one on the left and right sides. I moved them both to the same side so that I would have room on the other side to hang other table saw related tools.

Finally there is a drawer to collect dust in. Materials used was mostly 1/8" hard board (masonite) that I had laying around the shop. There is also a bit of peg board and the motor enclosure was 1/4" ply and along with a handful of self tapping screws, that was about it.

Quick, Dirty, & Cheap.

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